Happening Now

With the theatre world on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Matt is taking some time to explore and hone other artistic tools.  He recently became a regular contributor to The Frank Page, a website geared toward taking a frank look at news, policy, sports and culture. Matt's writing has focused on the various tools he's learned in the world of art and theatre, including empathy, compassion, listening and play.  Check out his most recent piece, titled 'What We Owe to Our Neighbors.'

DJ Corey Photography

What Else?

Even in a down year for live theatre, Matt's been creating art for the digital space with his old friends at Pointless Theatre.  He reprised his role as Dick in their 2020 digital revival of A Very Pointless Holiday Spectacular, and is currently working with other company members on an experimental workshop piece for the summer. More info coming soon!