Happening Now

After 20 long months away Matt is back onstage, joining his old friends at 1st Stage for their production of Secret Things!  Written by Elaine Romero and directed by Alex Levy, the play is about an ambitious journalist named Delia who returns to her hometown in New Mexico to track down an elusive story about Mexican-Americans with hidden Jewish roots.  Matt is playing Ben, Delia's editor and ex-boyfriend who has his own ideas on how the story should be told. Secret Things runs through December 12.  Tickets are available here

What Else?

With live theatre on hold for much of the past two years, Matt has been honing other artistic tools.  He recently became a regular contributor to The Frank Page, a website geared toward taking a frank look at news, policy, sports and culture.  Check out his most recent piece, titled 'One Year Later.'

DJ Corey Photography