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Happening Now!

Matt is collaborating with the folks at We Happy Few for the second time, appearing in their fall production of Rossum's Universal Robots. In this 100-year-old play written by Karel Čapek, humans have created robots to perform all of their menial tasks...that is, until the robots revolt.  This modern classic invented all the tropes and is famously the first story to use the word "robot."  Matt will be playing Harry Domin, the arrogant general manager of the world's largest robot manufacturer, Rossum's Universal. RUR is directed by Matt Reckeweg and runs at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop from October 30 - November 16. 

What Else?

Away from the stage, Matt has been honing other artistic tools. Since 2020 he has been a regular contributor to The Frank Page and is a co-host on the Hoops Crew podcast.  Matt is also the founder and lead administrator of the Pointless Theatre Artists' Playground, a new collaboration with some old friends.  Part gym, part classroom and part recess, the Playground is a recurring series of creative workshops that makes  s p a c e  for artists to connect and practice their craft.

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